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    Wendy Messarina Volosin and Svetlana Pasonok are Parent/Community Liaisons for Spanish and Russian/Ukrainian speaking families in the Marysville School District.

    They work for all 22 schools, Kindergarten through High School (Grades K-12). There is approximately 1000 ELL students in our district. Six hundred are Spanish Speaking and Eighty are Russian/Ukrainian speaking approximately.

    Since 2007, Our Parent/Community Liaisons have organized many ELL family events in our district, providing helpful information about how to navigate the school system, transitioning between school levels, reading nights, math nights, and summer activities. They have received extensive training on Multicultural Awareness and Diversity Competency and Family Engagement.

    Their main responsibilities are connecting Multicultural families with schools, community outreach, partnership, orientation for new non English Speaking families, providing information of resources in schools and community and support employees by reaching out the ELL families. 

    Since 2012, the Natural Leaders Program (WA Alliance for Better Schools) began and they also provide orientation for new families, and facilitate training for school staff (as needed). Wendy and Svetlana also, are our district District Leads for this program.

    Wendy and Svetlana have the expertise and knowledge on cultural competency so they facilitate Family Engagement between schools and Multicultural families.

    Also, they do district wide translations in Spanish and Russian. (Forms, letters, flyers etc) and some times, Interpreting services for schools, for specific meetings. 


What we do in the District

Family Engagement by MSD Administrators


  • Wendy MV

    Wendy Messarina Volosin (Spanish/English) 

    Parent / Community Liaison for 22 schools

    Grades K-12

    Natural Leader District Lead

    Phone: 360-965-0054


    Svetlana Pasonok

    Svetlana Pasonok (Russian/Ukrainian/English) 

    Parent / Community Liaison for 22 schools

    Grades K-12

    Natural Leader District Lead

    Phone: 360-965-0055


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