MMS January 2018 News
Angie Hansen

Happy New Year!    Each New Year can bring hope, new opportunies and perhaps some challenges.   I connue to be honored and proud to serve as your principal.
The New Year is a me to reflect and decide on new courses of acon. A special thanks to our staff and students who worked hard in 2017 to fully implement our educaonal and extracurricular programs. I hope you were able to witness our music students demonstrate excellence in all of their holiday performances.
HINTS FOR HOMEWORK (Middle School Years)     “Amy has her evening planned.  She’ll do her math homework before dinner, then follow up dessert with English and Science. A+erward, she can unwind from a busy day.” Sound impossible? It’s not. Help your child make homework go like clockwork with these strategies.
Think it through Before your youngster begins, have them make a to-do list.  Example:  write a poem, read a history chapter, solve 10 math problems. Then, suggest that they number the tasks, from toughest to easiest, and start with the hard stuff.  This “save the easiest for last” strategy will help them finish on a high note, perhaps inspiring them to get in some extra studying.
Think about me Ask your child to consider different me slots they can use to get work done.  For instance, maybe they could set aside a weekend morning or Sunday night.  Also, many of our students have me during Excel period to tackle homework.  Encourage your child to complete one assignment at school each day.  The more they do them, the more me they will have for fun later.
Think posive Help them see homework as a chance to prove their independence by ge4ng work done on me by themselves.  Boost their confidence by telling them, “Homework gives you a chance to show what you know.” And give them a thumbs up when they do just that!
2nd Semester begins January 30th The end of January marks the end of 1st semester, and report cards should arrive soon therea+er to your homes.  Please take some me to review your students’ grades with them.  If you have quesons or concerns about your students’ performance, please call or email the teacher for assistance.   If your student struggled during 1st semester, please contact us so we can help create a plan to help your student be successful.
As part of your New Year’s commitment we ask you to fully parcipate in your child’s educaon and become a partner with MMS. The staff and I look forward to working with you in 2018. Thanks for your connued support. I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

**Please visit our newsletter in the documents folder for more upcoming information in January!