Our counselors  

Class of 2019 Brian Edenholm 360-965-2418

Class of 2020 Shanna Pyzer 360-965-2507

Class of 2021 Adolfo Hinojosa 360-965-2431

Class of 2022  Shauna Kopischka 360-965-2332

To make an appointment with your student’s Counselor, email or call their counselor.

Student Support Advocate: Carlyn Odegard

Drug & Alcohol Prevention/Intervention: Emma Hefton

College/Career Counselor: Monica Lane

Registrar: Shannon Millar

MGHS Counseling Services:

Academic Services


Graduation Requirements

Class Schedules & Registration

Improved School Performance

College Information

Educational & Career Planning

Personal and Social Services

Decision Making Skills

Crisis Counseling & Referrals

Parent & Student Resources