All students must have a current parking permit and assigned parking space.

Student parking will be free of charge and located in lots “A “ and “B”. In order to park on campus, students are required to obtain a parking pass. Parking passes will be available during our back to school check in days on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Visitor parking has also changed. All visitor parking will be located in Lot “V” (in front of the gym E/F building). The location of the visitor parking will allow for a central location and access to all five buildings on our campus.

The student drop off/pick up location is now located ONLY in the turnaround area in lot “V”. Lot “V” is located directly in front of the gym E/F building.

Staff parking ONLY will be in lots “C” and “D” (in front of ISC, ACE and BIO). Lot “D” parking area (in front of ACE and BIO) will no longer be a student drop off area or visitor parking. This change will alleviate the traffic congestion we see in the morning and after school going into and out of that lot.