About the School

Visual Arts

The visual arts coursework begins as an exploration of the elements and principles of design, creating the foundation for the conscious development of skills related to painting, drawing, sculpting, and digital arts. Students learn about design, art history and technique. They also learn how to critically look at their own work and the work produced by others.


Drama at Arts & Technology is a lively and rewarding experience. Students have a chance to experience every part of theater as an extracurricular activity. We do two major productions a year and several mini performances through assemblies and community events.

When students join Drama Club they become part of a family. This program helps students to build confidence and develop their leadership skills. Students are involved in every aspect of the production. From acting to set building, the students get a chance to foster their creativity and make friends.

Computer Integration

The A&T staff is committed to incorporating computer technology skills into their entire curriculum. Students extend their learning through the use of computers via research, design, presentations, production and instruction.

Computer Science

Computer Science at Arts & Technology has several different pathways. Students have two Advanced Placement offerings Computer Science and Programming. Beyond this there are numerous project-based offerings in computer repair, game design, web design, networking, and more.


The Arts & Technology FIRST Robotics team is not just about building a robot. Our team is constantly seeking members who are interested in designing, building, working on CAD, computer animation, public relations, etc. Additionally, participating in FIRST Robotics makes students eligible for over $14 million dollars in scholarships.