FREE and Reduced Meal Program

A new application is required to be filled out every school year in order to apply/receive Free or Reduced Meal benefits. This years applications will be mailed out to the households on Monday, August 14, 2017. We encourage all families to apply. Completed applications may be mailed/dropped off at the Service Center or your students’ schools. We cannot accept applications filled out in pencil. We will notify you if your application is approved/denied by mail. If any child you are applying for is homeless, migrant, or a runaway, check the appropriate box and call your school.

The Food Service department receives a large number of applications that we input manually at the beginning of the school year. Please complete the application thoroughly in order for it to be processed quickly and to avoid delay.

Application Guidelines 

  • Only one application per household may include foster children.
  • New application every year.
  • List all students, including date of birth and school of every child
  • If you are receiving Basic Food, TANF or FDPIR - we need your case number
  • Names and income (jobs, per capita, social security, etc) of ALL the household members residing with you.
  • The total number of people living in your household (section 3 on the application)
  • The last four digits of your Social Security Number for INCOME BASED APPLICATIONS.
  • Signature and date, lower right hand corner.
  • Please use a pen to fill out the application. Applications in pencil will not be accepted.

Please see required information below in order to process your application without delay.

A. For households NOT receiving any Basic Food (food stamps), TANF OR FDPIR (an income base household):

  • Student's Name, and their income if applicable (this includes SSI, per capita, jobs).
  • Names of all household members
  • Income by source for all household members
  • Total Household Members
  • Adult household member's signature
  • Last 4 digits of social security number of the adult household member who signs the application (or check the "I do not have a social security number" box if the adult signing the application does not have one)

B. For a household with only a foster child(ren):

  • Student's Name
  • Attending School
  • Adult household member's signature
  • Last four digits of social security number for the adult signing the application. (or check the "I do not have a social security number" box if the adult signing the application does not have one)

C. For a household with a foster children and other children:

  • Apply as a household and include foster children. Follow the directions above for A. Households not getting assistance and include child's personal use income.

D. For a family getting Basic Food/TANF/FDPIR:

  • List all student names and case number where appropriate. if the student is not the one with a case number, enter the household member's name and their case number
  • Last four digits of social security number for the adult signing the application. (or check the "I do not have a social security number" box if the adult signing the application does not have one)
  • Adult household member's signature

Students with Free or Reduced price meals at school’s end in June 2017 with the Marysville School District:

Automatically will remain at the same status for the first 30 school days of the 2017-2018 school year.
However, if a new application is received and processed within the first 30 school days, benefit status may change from last year’s qualification. Please see the Program Income Guidelines below.

Students New to the Marysville School District:

If your child(ren) attended a different school district the prior year, a new application is to be filled out with Marysville School District for our records in order to qualify them.

Proof of Eligibility:

The information you provide may be verified at any time. You may be asked to send additional information to prove your child is eligible to receive free and reduced-price meals.

Fair Hearing:

If you do not agree with the decision on your child's application or the process used to prove income eligibility, you may talk with Mike Sullivan (Executive Director of Finance & Operations), the Fair Hearing Official. You have the right to a fair hearing which may be arranged by calling the school's district at this number 360-965-0094.


You may apply for benefits any time during the school year. If you should have a decrease in household income, an increase in household size, or become unemployed, or receive Basic Food, TANF or FDPIR, you may be eligible for benefits and may fill out an application at that time.

Income Chart:

Effective from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018
(Income chart determines if you qualify to be in the Free or Reduced Program - not all qualifies for Free meals but may qualify for Reduced-Price meal if within the income chart below).

Click Here for Program Income Guidelines.