About the School

School for the Entrepreneur is one of the district’s many choices for high school, located at the Marysville-Getchell High School campus.

Entrepreneurs are the builders of businesses. They are visionaries, organizers and leaders. They value quality of life and relish in opportunities to extend their knowledge. Successful entrepreneurs actively continue their education well beyond formal schooling. In the School For the Entrepreneur, students will learn the basics of business and marketing, financial literacy and develop their talents as school and community leaders. Through experiences offered in and out of classes such as Mock Trial, school businesses, DECA and FBLA, students will have hands-on opportunities to experience many facets of business.

Mission Statement:

SFE is committed to building professional relationships with our community through C.A.R.E.: Creativity, Academic, Rigor, and Experiences.

Vision Statement:

Knowing that all students can achieve, SFE and its community will teach, inspire, motivate, and empower our students to become integral members of society through rigorous and relevant coursework, cultural awareness, respect and appreciation in preparation for post secondary education and future careers. School for the Entrepreneurs’ mission is C.A.R.E.