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Nominate an Awesome Kid!

Do you know a young person who has made an extraordinary mark on their school or community through kindness, courage or leadership in the last 12 months? Has that individual shown extraordinary strength and tenacity in those areas despite particular challenges or adversity in their own lives? Please nominate them for a We Value Kids Award! Nominees must be 5 – 18 years old and demonstrate the following:

o   For ages 5 – 8: “We Value Kindness in Kids.” Children who are consistently kind to others, who go out of their way to include children beyond their own group and who are regularly thoughtful and generous with their time and toys. 

o   For ages 9 – 12: “We Value Courage in Kids.” Young people who regularly “do the right thing,” who are brave in standing up for their beliefs and for one another and who even take a lonely stand on an issue or in an uncomfortable situation. 

o   For ages 13 – 18: “We Value Leadership in Kids.” Teenagers who have developed (or are developing) strong traits of genuine leadership. This award will recognize teens who, for instance, have initiated a group or program, who have set a positive example for other young people and who have collaborated in working for social change or improvement of local (or global) situations.  

o   For adult: “We Value Those Who Value Kids.”  This award acknowledges and celebrates adults in our community who consistently speak out on behalf of kids, who advocate for kids who need such advocacy – sometimes even at sacrifice of their own time and personal resources.

We have expanded the criteria this year to recognize and celebrate those young people especially who have been able to persevere (in their kindness, courage and leadership) in challenging life circumstances or daily life This persistence, endurance and stick-to-itiveness is important for all children and in all situations, of course, but especially to kids who are from marginalized groups and those who, perhaps, will not be otherwise acknowledged for their ability to reach out – and in – to bring out the best in themselves and those around them. 

Download the form here

To nominate someone for an Award, please complete the Nomination Form and return to Kristen Anderson, or For more information, visit the Snohomish County Children’s Commission webpage, We Value Kids and click the Awards page. Please submit your nomination no later than Friday, February 17, 2017. The We Value Kids awards will be presented in the spring; we hope to partner with schools and local sports teams to formally present these awards and celebrate the accomplishments of these young people. 


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