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Letter from Superintendent, Dr. Becky Berg

Dr. Becky Berg

February 6, 2017

Dear Families,

Marysville School District is committed to ensuring that our students feel safe, welcomed and respected at school. 

Bullying, harassment, intimidation or discrimination has no place in Marysville Schools. We want Marysville School District’s dedication to equity, understanding and respect to continue here. That’s why I want to assure you that Marysville School District will not waver in its role as caretakers of our community’s children.

Our schools will be a safe zone for immigrant students to learn and thrive. The diversity of our student body, our community and our staff is a strength that benefits all of us and should be celebrated. Our rich cultures and the more than 50 different languages spoken in our schools provides all children with the opportunity to learn from others with dissimilar backgrounds and recognizes our common humanity.

Our mission is to serve every child that comes to our school doors, every day. We will continue providing all students  their legal right to access free public K-12 education, regardless of their religion, their place of birth, their language, their citizenship, their immigration status, their parents’ status or any other legally-protected characteristics. Marysville School District does not ask for nor track a student’s citizenship or immigration status. Further, under the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a student’s citizenship or immigration status is personally identifiable information that may not be disclosed.  

Every school has a safe, private location where students may seek assistance, information, and support related to any immigration law enforcement that interferes with their learning experience.

Our basic tasks in the Marysville School District remain the same. Our Mission remains – we will Engage our community, Inspire our students, and Prepare our graduates.  We are committed to developing the Whole Child. We are preparing students to become global citizens that think critically, create and innovate, collaborate with others, communicate effectively, and care compassionately.

Today, and every day, all students are welcome at Marysville School District.