• ELA Materials Adoption 11.4.15

    Posted by CINCO DELGADO at 11/4/2015

    The Elementary English Language Arts Materials Adoption Team had the second meeting today.  Below is a summary of the task accomplished:



    We worked in grade level teams to develop frameworks based on standards that we powered at our last meeting.  Participants looked at models of unwrapped standards as a starting place.  Frameworks included Anchor Standards, CCSS, Prerequisite Skills, Big Ideas, Essential Questions, Skills and Vocabulary.  


     Powering Standards:

     The group split into groups of K-2 and 3-5 to look at the vertical alignment of the power standards for ELA.  The discussions we had about the standards helped us to understand better what they mean.  


     Finding materials for future review:

     Participants used search engines and personal experience to suggest and explain possible ELA materials to review. There doesn’t seem to be as many good options as we thought there would be.


     Learning List training:

     A learning list representative walked us through the learning list website and how we might use this tool to help us make decisions about curriculum; in particular, a curriculum’s alignment to CCSS.

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  • ELA Materials Adoption 10.7.15

    Posted by CINCO DELGADO at 10/7/2015

    The English Language Arts Materials Adoption Team had their first meeting today.  Below is a summary of the task accomplished:

    Entry Task: We wrote a short phrase that captured our excitement about new materials.  The word that was the most prominent was “Alignment.”

    Norms: The following norms were determined to meet best the needs of our team.

    • Decision Making:  Support and also challenge each other's ideas.  Be honest with your thoughts and wonderings.
    • Open Communication Within Community:  Committee members may share information, insight and findings regarding adoption process with interested staff or community members that are not on the adoption committee. Express disagreement with ideas not individuals
    • Remain Positive: Constructive feedback.
    • Be Present:  While we all have a lot on our plates, our work will go much faster if we all commit to being present in the moment and attending to the work at hand. Have patience with technology, people might need extra time.  Many of the apps we work with are new.

    Year in Preview:  The committee will meet monthly to discuss adoption.  Today we covered CCSS and considered power standards for grade levels.  Next month, we will unwrap these standards and create frameworks.  We will start looking at different curricula of interest to meet our needs.  In February, teachers will begin piloting curricula in their classrooms.  In March, we will be making recommendations to the school board and IMCC for adoption.  The goal is to have the curriculum in classrooms by September 2016.

    Philosophy:  The ELA Materials Adoption Committee reviewed and offered suggestions on a draft of the MSD25 K-5 ELA Philosophy. Suggestions were made by committee members to edit, include, or revise the information. 

    Powering: We looked at Common Core Standards for reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language.  We began the task of narrowing down the focus to the most important strands based on endurance, leverage, and readiness for the next level of learning.

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