• Open Registration

    Open registration begins at 3:00pm on specific dates and continues until classes are full or begin.  You may come to the pool to register in person or call the pool using a Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover.

    Please view the current quarterly pool schedule for open registration dates.

    Pre- Registration

    On the second to the last night of a lesson session you will receive a swim card for the current session. The card will contain information for placement of your child’s next swim lesson.  You can go directly to the pool office to pre- register for the next session or if you elect to not register at this time please keep the card for future placement needs. 


  • Swim Lesson Level Requirements

  •  Infant Toddler (Ages 0-2)

    Consistently comfortable in the water

    Blows Bubbles


    Reach and Pulls

    Supports self at pool edge

    Relaxed front & back glide

    Jumps into water on cue

    Sit in entry, going underwater


    Relaxed in lifejacket

    Follows intructor's directions


    Preschool 1 (Ages 3-5)

    Walk in the deep end of small pool alone

    Wash Face

    Blow bubbles with eyes in the water

    Bob three times calmly 

    Face float with help from equip.

    Back float with help from equip.

    Kick with staright legs

    Arm Strokes


    Preschool 2 (Ages 3-5)

    Bob 5 times calmly w\o stopping

    Pick up object from bottom of the pool

    Back Glide with help 3 feet

    Front glide with help 3 feet

    Back gilde with help and kicks 5 feet

    back float w\o help 3 seconds

    Front float w\o help 3 seconds

    Consistently Comfortable in Med. Pool

    Comfortable in lifejacket


    Preschool 3 (Ages 3-5)

    Bob 8 times calmly w\o stopping

    Back float w\o help 5 seconds 

    Face float w\o help 5 seconds

    Rhythmic breathing with arms and

    Kick on pool edge

    Arm stroke and kick 5 feet

    Front glide w\o help and kick 6 feet

    Back glide w\o help and kick 6 feet


  • Preschool 4 (ages 3-5)

    Bob 10 times calmly w\o stopping 

    Back glide with flutter kick 10 feet

    Front glide with flutter kick 10 feet

    Front crawl w\rhythmic breathing

          10 feet

    Jump in the water, turn on back

          and swim to safety

    Bobbing to safety 3 feet

    Introduce backstroke arms


    Level 1 (Ages 6 & up)

    Bob 10 times

    Front float w\o help 10 seconds

    Back float w\o help 10 seconds

    Front glide 10 feet

    Arm stroke with kick & Bubbles 10ft

    Rhythmic breathing with arms and

           Kick on pool edge 

    Comfortable in lifejacket


    Level 2 (Ages 6 & up)

    Bob 15 times

    Front crawl 6 yards w\rythmic 


    Kick on back 6 yards

    Backstroke 6 yards

    Roll over from front to back

    Pick up object from bottom of pool

    Bob to safety 6 feet

    Introduce treading water

    Introduce survival float


    Level 3 (Ages 6 & up)

    Front crawl 12 yards

    Backstroke 12 yards

    Kick on back 25 yards

    Tread water for 1 minute

    Survival float 1 minute

    Consistenly comfortable in large pool

    Swim underwater 10 feet

    Introduce elementary backstroke

  • Level 4 (Ages 6 & up)

    Front crawl 25 yards

    Backstroke 25 yards

    Elementary backstroke 25 yards

    Tread water 3 minutes

    Survival float for 3 minutes

    Knee dive in deep water

    Introduce breaststroke kick


    Level 5 (Ages 6 & up)

    Front crawl 75 yards

    Backstroke 75 yards

    Elementary backstroke 50 yards

    Breaststroke 25 yards

    Tread water 5 minutes

    Swim underwater 20 feet

    Standing dive

    Open turns

    Introduce dolphin kick

    Introduce sidestroke


    Level 6 (Ages 6 & up)

    Front crawl 100 yards w\ turns

    Backstroke 100 yards w\ turns

    Breaststroke 75 yards w\ turns

    Sidestroke 25 yards

    Butterfly 25 yards

    15 minute continuous swim

    Safety skills (reaching & throwing

         assists, HELP huddle)

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