The NGSS Pathways to Engineering project is a three-year Math-Science Partnership grant funded through OSPI. The project began during the 2015-2016 school year with 36 teachers, ranging from grades 5-12. All Marysville middle school teachers, grades 6-8 are involved in the project. One fifth-grade and ninth-grade teacher was selected from each school as a representative and teacher leader. For the 2016-2017 school year the project includes 30 teachers ranging from grades 5-8. The NGSS Pathways grant provides the teachers with 80 hours of focused and intentional professional development through a four-day Summer Institute and grade level professional learning communities (PLCs) during the school year.

Goals of the project are to increase teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge in science, improve instruction, and increase resources for teaching in the following areas:

1)      The NGSS Scientific Practice of Constructing Explanations and the Engineering Practice of Designing Solutions

2)      NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas for Engineering

3)      NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas for Energy

Objectives include:

1)      Increasing teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge of the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices through structured discourse aligned to NGSS and in partnership with STEM professionals to engage in authentic real-world engineering experiences and perspectives

2)      Increasing teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge of the NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas (Defining and Delineating Engineering Problems, Developing Possible Solutions, Optimizing the Design Solution, and Energy)

3)      Increasing teachers’ instructional practice and principal leadership content knowledge aligned to NGSS through collaboration with STEM professionals in planning, implementing and assessing the use of the NGSS curriculum enhancements

4)      Increase resources for teaching the NGSS through collaboration with teacher colleagues and STEM professionals, and support from principals.