Career and College Readiness (CCR)

  • Students who are CCR understand the importance of taking charge of their education and navigating the various pathways connecting education to employment. They actively participate in the Naviance Career & College Planning Program and seek out the assistance and knowledge of the CCR Counselors Mr. Carpenter or Ms. Milnor.

    Students communicate openly and often with their support systems of parents/guardians, school counselors, teachers, and administrators. They take full advantage of all CTE programs available in their school; watch for opportunities to participate in leadership activities, and take courses that offer high school and college credits.

    The Marysville School District CTE programs offer students the rare benefit of experiencing professional training while still in high school. Look closely at your CTE choices and determine which of these courses offer you the most benefit for the career field you are interested in. Decisions made now can make a world of difference in your future.