• Budget Standards


    The Marsyville School District has adopted Budget Standards to use as values to frame and guide budget deliberations. 

    The Budget Standards will be used for the development of the annual budget and / or when other district budgetary 

    decisons are considered.


    Budget Standards 2016.pdf 78.42 KB (Last Modified on December 15, 2016)
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  • 2016-17 F195 Executive Summary


    The attached Executive Summary is a narratice overview of the F195, outlining the budget goals and assumptions.

    2016_17 Budget Executive Summary.pdf 168.47 KB (Last Modified on June 30, 2016)
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  • 2016-17 F195


    Attached is the Marysville School District's 2016-17 F195, for all five (5) opertaing funds;

    General Fund

    Capital Projects

    Debt Service Fund

    Transportation Vehicle Fund

    Associated Student Body (ASB)


    Each year we are required to submit a copy of the F195 to our Educational Services District (ESD189) by July 10 to be reviewed. 

    The 2016-17 Budget is scheudled to be adopted by our Board of Directors, during  public hearing, at their meeting on Monday, August 15 - 6:30 pm in the Board Room.

    Should you have any questions regarding the F195, please contact Mike Sullivan at 360.965.0094 or mike_sullivan@msd25.org

    2016_17 F195.pdf 383.26 KB (Last Modified on June 30, 2016)
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2016-2017 Budget Overview

  • It is the time of the year where school districts across Washington state and the nation begin the process of developing budgets for their next school year. The Marysville School District has been studying enrollment, reviewing staffing needs for schools and the district, and analyzing allocations received by the state and local levy dollars that help the District pay for expenses like supplies and materials, transportation and staff.

    Based on anticipated student enrollment, estimated revenue and expenditures, investments in instructional materials for the coming year, and confirmed retirements and other anticipated vacancies in certificated and classified staff positions; the level of funding the Marysville School District will receive from federal, state, and local funding sources is found to be insufficient to allow the District to maintain its current budget.

    The Marysville School District will be reducing its educational program for the 2016 – 2017 school year as outlined in Resolution No. 2016-12, and will be making reductions in all areas. This includes central office administrators, school administrators, teachers and support staff.

    The District’s goal is to keep the impacts from reductions as far away from the classroom and students as possible, and continues to be hopeful that the state meets its requirement to fully fund education, as it is obligated to do.

    Below is a list of the reductions/cost-saving measures that were recommended to the Board of Directors. We are in the process of implementing these for the 2016 – 2017 school year, and all affected staff have been notified:

    Budget Categories (Line Items)

    • Department budgets frozen at 2015-2016 levels (no allocation for inflation)
    • Individual School budgets reduced by 15 percent

    Job Categories (Positions)

    • Service Center Secretary (Superintendent’s Office)
    • Director of Assessment and Student Information (Service Center)
    • One Teacher on Special Assignment (Service Center)
    • Secretarial and Health Room positions (from combining MMVHS with A&T)
    • Move from four Principals at MGHS campus to one Principal, two Assistant Principals, and one Dean of Students (TOSA/Teacher on Special Assignment)
    • Secretarial positions at MGHS campus due to leadership reconfiguration
    • One School to Home Partnership Program (SHoPP) Liaison
    • Reduction of one High School Principal, (from combining MMVHS, SHoPP, and SOAR with A&T)
    • On-Time Graduation Liaison
    • One Mechanic
    • One High School Principal reassigned to Elementary Assistant Principal
    • Nearly 20 teaching positions will not be filled (no reductions in force (RIFs) were necessary due to attrition)
    • Four Security Personnel positions (from 12 to 8): Typically, districts have one or two security positions. For example, Northshore has two campus security personnel and two SROs (a district nearly double our size), Snohomish has two campus security personnel and two SROs (a district near our size). Fortunately, we also have five School Resource Officers (Marysville Police Officers) and a Security Coordinator to oversee district protocols and practices. As you can see, our commitment to student and staff safety remains a priority.

Budget Q&A

  • How does this affect the leadership at my student’s school?

    The Marysvillle School District has wonderful administrators who work diligently for all students within the District. Their knowledge, skills, and deep concern for student success will be evident regardless of where they serve. The following is a thorough breakdown of administrative staffing changes:

    • Marysville Middle School Principal Dan Alderson will continue to serve Marysville Middle School as the Assistant Principal and will also serve as principal at 10th Street Middle School.
    • BioMed Academy High School (Getchell Campus) Principal Angela Delgado will serve as principal of Totem Middle School.
    • Academy of Construction & Engineering High School (Getchell Campus) and International School of Communications High School Principal (Getchell Campus) Shawn Stevenson will serve as principal overseeing all four schools on the Getchell High School Campus.
    • A Dean of Students for the Marysville Getchell High School Campus will be hired or placed.
    • Marysville-Pilchuck High School Assistant Principal Lori Stolee will serve as assistant principal of the Getchell High School Campus.
    • Marysville-Pilchuck High School Principal Rob Lowry and Assistant Principal Deann Anguiano will remain at M-PHS in their current role.
    • School for the Entrepreneur (Getchell Campus) Principal, Dave Rose will serve as associate principal of the Marysville-Pilchuck High School Campus.
    • Marysville Mountain View Principal Dawn Bechtholdt will serve as principal of Arts and Technology High School, Marysville Mountain View High School, the School to Home Partnership Program (SHoPP), and the SOAR alternative learning program. All of these schools and programs will be located on the Marysville Tulalip Campus in the Arts & Technology building.

    My student’s teacher or principal is being moved? Why?

    Through these budget challenges, we are working on keeping our staff intact. With budget changes, some teachers and staff members may be moved to serve different campuses. A move does not mean the teacher or staff member has done anything wrong, but in trying to serve our students successfully, and avoid losing staff, moves may be necessary. The end goal is to keep our great teachers and staff in the District, and place them where they can best support our students within the current budget situation.

    How will Principal Alderson be able to successfully serve Marysville Middle School and 10th Street?

    Assistant Principal Alderson has demonstrated his commitment to students at Marysville Middle School and greatly understands the needs at the school in which he already serves. We are confident our highly skilled staff at both schools and Principal Alderson will be able to provide students high-quality educational service, and the resources needed to be successful.

    Where are current 10th Street Principal Terri Kaltenbach and Totem Middle School Principal Tarra Patrick going?

    Principal Patrick and Principal Kaltenbach have decided to seek employment elsewhere. These two administrators have worked tirelessly for our students and have made an impact at each of the schools they served. We wish both of them well in their next endeavor.

    Why is the District housing Marysville Mountain View High School, the School to Home Partnership Program, and SOAR at the Arts and Technology Campus?

    Over the past few years, enrollment at Marysville Mountain View High School and Arts and Technology High School has declined. To help these schools maintain their vibrancy and provide all students with more opportunities, these schools and programs will be located on the same campus. Each school and program will maintain their independence. Housing all these programs under one roof provides all students with more learning options that fit their individual educational needs.  

    What is the role of a Dean of Students?

    A Dean of Students provides social programs and support for students. They collaborate with different departments, stay up-to-date on relevant student resources and work directly with students to help them achieve success. A Dean of Students is generally responsible for serving as a point of information for students and responding to students' needs. They may be responsible for supervising various campus programs and serving as a liaison between student organizations such as ASB and NJROTC. While their work is primarily on non-academic issues, their initiatives include encouraging academic success, and monitoring students who are struggling in class.

    At the Marysville Getchell Campus, we see the Dean of Students role as a way to bring together the four schools located on the Getchell Campus, and build more cohesion for students, staff and the community.

    What is the role of an Associate Principal?

    In the Marysville School District, assistant principals generally handle truancy and discipline issues while associate principals hold near or equal duties and powers as principals. Associate principals are essentially the principal’s right hand when it comes to decision-making. They support the principal, provide leadership when needed, and assume other responsibilities as designated by the principal. With the number of students at the Getchell Campus approaching 1700, an associate principal will be able to help provide the leadership needed to serve all students who attend.

    Are these changes the results of the recent bond failure?

    Although we were very disappointed in the recent failure of the bond measure that would have enabled our district to build new schools and provide maintenance funding for facilities across the District, these staffing decisions are not the direct result of that. Bonds are for building, renovating and maintaining school facilities, and DO NOT fund teacher and staff salaries or reduce class sizes. 

    The State of Washington provides a certain amount of money per student for salaries, and educational resources such as books, computers, supplies, etc. Local levies, like a technology levy or transportation levy, can also supplement those resources and provide additional support for students.

    The number of students in the Marysville School District has remained flat and is expected to decline. As residents move their children to schools outside of their community, funding decreases and districts are forced to make cuts.

    Why do we need more than one assistant principal or administrator at each school?

    In order to properly serve the needs of 21st century students, the Marysville School District has a policy of having one administrator per 400 students. With Marysville-Pilchuck High School at about 1200 students, and Marysville Getchell approaching 1700 students in the fall, the number of administrators at each school will be able to provide the needed support, discipline, and resources for all students at each campus.

    Why are there secruity personnel reductions?

    Even with the reduction in security postions, The Marysville School District has one of the most robust securities staffing in the state, with eight (8) security positions across the District in addition to five (5) School Resource Officers (SROs). 

    Typically, districts have one or two security 
positions. For example, Northshore has two campus security personnel and two SROs (a district nearly double our size), Snohomish has two campus security personnel and two SROs (a district near our size). Fortunately, we also have five School Resource Officers (Marysville Police Officers) and a Security Coordinator to oversee district protocols and practices. 

    We are also very proud that we were able to reestablish our security management position. Graeme Kennedy is a retired state trooper with many years of experience. He is able to provide security management support for every school across our district and ensure our security personnel and school resource officers are working diligently to maintain student safety and follow the letter of the law.

    The City of Marysville also helped us add three (3) School Resource Officer for a total of five (5). School Resource Officers are highly trained members of our local police force who provide law enforcement and police services to schools, school grounds, and areas around the school. They are also responsible for investigating allegations of criminal incidents, and work to prevent juvenile delinquency through close contact and positive relationships with students, staff and school administrators.

Additional Questions?

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    Coordinator of Communications & Community Relations


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