Mission, Vision, Goals, & Strategic Directions

  • Our Mission

                Engage our community.  

                   Inspire our students.

                       Prepare our graduates.


    Our Vision

    Students of the Marysville School District are prepared for further education, technology, economic change and social realities because they

    Think critically

                Create and Innovate

                            Collaborate with others

                                        Communicate effectively

                                                    Care compassionately.

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    Goals and Strategic Directions

    Engaging our community in support of students by:

    1.  Fostering family involvement;

    2.  Cultivating collective responsibility among staff for each student;

    3.  Nurturing partnerships and community support.


    Inspiring students to find their passion and pathway by:

    4.  Ensuring our students and staff have a growth mindset;

    5.  Embracing students’ culture, language and uniqueness;

    6.  Empowering students to be active partners in their education. 


    Preparing graduates for economic and social realities by:

    7.  Building skills in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and compassion in a technology-infused environment;

    8.  Equipping graduates for further education, career, and citizenship in our globally-connected communities.


    North Star Indicators

    ¨      All students reading at or above grade level by the end of first grade. 
    ¨      All students attend school regularly. 
    ¨      All students achieve at or above state standard in English/Language Arts and Math. 
    ¨      All students graduate within five years of starting high school, with an identified post high school  pathway.