What is Natural Leader Program?


    Natural Leaders (Multicultural volunteer parents) is a program in many districts in the State of Washington. It was developed by WABS (Washington Alliance for Better schools) and has been made possible by the generous support of the OSPI, Gates Foundation, Tulalip Charitable Trust, United way of Snohomish County, the Discuren Foundation and in partnership with participating school districts in Washington. There are over 637 Natural leaders in 7 schools districts. There are 533 Latinos and 144 from other cultures. This program provides training for school staff on how to engage better with their ELL, multicultural families, and for parents on how to become leaders and learn about the Education system. 

Leadership Team at the Marysville School District

    • Becky Berg - Superintendent/ WABS Board of Directors
    • Melissa VanZanten - Curriculum Director/WABS District Coordinator
    • Svetlana Pasonok - MSD Parent Liaison/NL District Lead for 22 schools (Russian/Ukrainian/English)
    • Wendy Messarina Volosin - MSD Parent Liaison/NL District Lead for 22 schools (Spanish/English)
    • Nereida Areliz - NL Trainer for the district 

Benefits for your school

  •  Natural Leader-Volunteer parents, have their own school Info board at your front office in different languages (School, forms and community)

    They help schools to organize family activities: family-school positive relationship, events (am, pm), bingo nights, Coffee or breakfast with the principal, multicultural celebrations, Technology info night, School tours, welcoming families for your school events, recruit more volunteers, parents engagement with their child's education, resulting in academic success, less discipline issues and the foundation of a better and bright future for children and for all of us. 

    "Thank you for Everything that you do to ensure  that your child is successful and happy.  As we know, you are your child's first teacher"   Dr. Becky Berg - Superintendent of Marysville School District

History of the NL Program in Marysville

  • Since 2007, Svetlana Pasonok and Wendy Messarina Volosin, our Russian and Spanish Parent/Community Liaisons for the Marysville School District created a group of ELL parent school helpers, recruited volunteer parents, provided orientation and training for them about the education system, school and community resources in their native language. They have the support of wonderful community leaders, such as the Mayor of Marysville, Sea Mar, Everett Community College, Molina Health, Goodwill, Marysville Public Library, Marysville Together, Marysville Police Department and Marysville Fire Department. 

    Since 2012, Natural Leaders WABS partnership with us, and they have provided training for our school staff on how to engage better with their families, and for parents on how to become leaders. During this years, Marysville have had 65 Natural Leaders (Spanish, Russian, Cambodian and Native American languages), 7 trainers and 12 schools participating: Allen Creek, Cascade, Kellogg Marsh, Marshall, Pinewood, Grove, Sunnyside, Quilceda/Tulalip, Liberty and Shoultes Elementary; Cedarcrest, Totem and Marysville Middle School; Marysville Pilchuck and Getchell ISC and Bio Med High School.

    Wendy and Svetlana became the 2 district leads for this program since then (All schools Grades K-12) 


What is Needed to Start this Program at your School

  • Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer Natural Leader. We are happy to have you in our schools helping parents to understand the school system better, and be even more involved in their children's education.

    • Step 1.  Become a volunteer. Fill out the WA Patrol Volunteer Form. Ask for an application at your school. After 2 days, you need to ask your school for the results. 
    • Step 2. After you receive the approval of your volunteer application, read the Volunteer Handbook, and ask the school Natural Leader, your teacher, or school staff, for volunteer jobs in your own school. Let them know your availability of time and days. Ways to volunteer ideas here
    • Step 3. After a few months as a volunteer, contact your school Natural Leader parent volunteer, NL trainer or NL School Lead to receive NL training. 
    • Step 4. Finally you need to meet with you NL parent volunteer, Principal and NL school lead to help organize, multicultural family events/activities for them. Your school will provide a space for you at school to assist families (phone, computer with internet, mailbox, supplies).

    You will have an opportunity, to attend future Natural Leader Trainer Academy. After this training you will be certified as a Volunteer Natural Leader Trainer and will provide training to new parents and school staff in the district. 

    Some schools have more than 1 Natural Leaders parent volunteers and 1 or more NL school lead per school. The more the better.

    NL trainers can help you set up a meeting with Principal, Natural Leader parent volunteers, NL school lead, to plan activities for the year.

    Questions or additional information, please contact Parent Liaisons NL District Leads 




  • IN SCHOOLS (K-12)

     Contact your school if you want to help planning activities at your school.


    • Sept 28th 10-11am/MSD Strawberry room
    • Jan 25th 10-11am/ MSD Strawberry room
    • May 31st 10-11am/ MSD Strawberry room

    Contact us in advance if you want to attend NL district meetings


  • Wendy Messarina Volosin (Spanish / English) 

    Parent/Community Liaison for 22 schools Grades K-12

    Natural Leaders District Lead

    Phone: 360-965-0054  


    Svetlana Pasonok (Russian / Ukrainian / English)

    Parent/Community Liaison for 22 schools  Grades K-12

    Natural Leaders District Lead

    Phone: 360-965-0055

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