As a service to other non-profit community, educational, and recreational organizations, the Marysville School District may allow organizations to utilize our website or schools to distribute E-Flyers or flyers for activities when such information complies with the following principles:

    • It promotes an educational purpose or recreational activities specifically for or involving children within or very close to our attendance boundaries in Snohomish County;
    • It is congruent with the mission of the school district;
    • It does not violate any principles of law or policy applicable to the operation of public school districts.

    Prior to completing a request to distribute materials either via E-Flyer or paper, please review Policy and Procedure 4060; Distribution of Non-School/Non-School District Materials.


    Step 1
    Complete a one-time application to request permission to have your organization use the district website as a source of distribution for E-Flyers.
    The district must have on file the following:  
    • Initial Application  (complete top portion only - simply download/save document for a word fillable document)
    • PDF of your organization's Federal 501(c) tax-exempt status or state non-profit status
      Email the Initial Application and a PDF of the non-profit status to:  Eflyer_Folder@msvl.k12.wa.us 


    Step 2
    An Event Application (complete bottom portion only - simply download/save document for a word fillable document)) is required for each E-Flyer request.  E-Flyers are now accepted year round.
    • Email a PDF of your E-Flyer along with the completed Event Application to Eflyer_Folder@msvl.k12.wa.us
    As a reminder, E-Flyers must include the following disclaimer statement:
    "The Marysville School District has neither reviewed nor approved the programs, personnel, activities or organizations announced in this flyer and undertakes no responsibility to supervise these events. Permission to distribute this flyer should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement of the program by the district.  In consideration of the privilege to distribute these materials, the Marysville School District shall be held harmless from any cause of action or claim arising out of the events or activities advertised in these materials; include all costs, attorney fees and judgments or awards."


    Step 3
    If interested:  Community Groups Website Links 
    You may request permission for your organization to use the Marysville School District website as a weblink resource for parents.  
    • Email the Community Weblink Application  (complete the top portion only - simply download/save document for a word fillable document)) and a PDF of your organization's non-profit status to Eflyer_folder@msvl.k12.wa.us