• Marysville’s Special Education Parent Advisory Counsil 

    Since 2008, an important part of our student’s lives and helping shape the future our schools has been the work of the Marysville Special Education Parent-Teacher-Student Association (MSEPTSA).  

    Through regular meeting with their stakeholders and direct guidance to the district, MSEPTSA has played an active role in assisting parents, mobilizing resources, connecting families, and serving as a united voice on the things that matter to students.

    In the fall of 2016, this group transitioned into the Marysville Special Education Parent Advisory Counsil. 

    The group exists to supports parents, students, and the district in improving lives --and to make the potential of ever person (with disability or not) a reality.  

    Would you like to contribute to the consil or help plan something for our students?  Please contant the district special education office for details on parent leaders who can help.  In addition, the work of the Leah's Dream Foundation has become a leading local voice for those in the community with disabilities. They can be contacted directly for information both on their efforts inside and outside of our schools.