Welcome from Superintedent Dr. Becky Berg

  • Dear Students, Families, Neighbors and Friends,

    Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year!

    We cannot wait to see those smiling faces, and are eagerly awaiting the start of school on Wednesday, September 7. Remember, those first days of school are essential to ensuring your child gets off to a great start.

    As we begin another school year, I am reminded of our how far our community has come. Through tears and triumph, we have all felt the strong connection that exists between our community members and our schools. The success of each student and family depends on our dedication to building a strong Marysville and Tulalip community.

    We are thankful to have wonderful residents and leaders in government, business, advocacy, and volunteer organizations – those who see their roles as part of the larger goal of building a community we are proud of. I look forward to working together to foster strong relationships and develop partnerships focused on creating a bright future for generations to come. 

    Stay engaged this year through our website, and social media accounts. In addition to our active Facebook and Twitter pages, the Marysville School District is on Instagram, Pinterest, and even Snapchat!

    We have also scheduled three community symposiums in September to discuss the April School Bond. We hope you can make it to one of these events to share your input, ideas, and thoughts for the future of Marysville schools. For specific dates and more information, see below or visit www.msd25.org/bond

    Join us in inspiring our students as we help them find their passion and pathways, and empower them as active partners in their education — setting goals, tracking their progress, and reaching their objectives. 

    Learn how we prepare our students by building skills in collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication, integrating technology in all aspects of teaching and learning, and investing in new educational materials.

    Our Technology Initiative, implemented in 2014 and made possible by community support, has truly been a game changer for our students and staff. Making an impact on student learning is not just about having the tools, it is about knowing how to use the tools, and making sure those tools work in service of student learning. Through a district-wide Wi-Fi network, a Chromebook for every secondary student, and ongoing professional development for teachers, the District has become one of the first to create and embrace the technology used every day outside of schools in the workplace, and at home to connect to ideas, information and collaborate across time and place.

    Do you feel it, too? The 2016-17 School Year is going to be our best year yet! Thank you for your continued support of our district and the Marysville-Tulalip communities.

    It is an honor to serve.

Student in Library
School Starts Sept. 7
  • Dr. Becky Berg 

    Dr. Becky Berg