Pete Lundberg

Pete Lundberg

Dr. Tom Albright
Vice President

Dr. Tom Albright

Bruce Larson
Director, Legislative Rep

Bruce Larson

Mariana Maksimos

Mariana Maksimos

Chris Nation, Director, WSSDA Past President

Chris Nation

Board Announcements

  • Board meetings to start 30-minutes earlier - effective February 21, 2017.  The Marysville School District Board of Directors will start regular session board meetings 30-minutes earlier (6:00 pm instead of 6:30 pm) and work study sessions (as needed) will be held following the regular session meeting.  The Board of Directors requested the change to accomodate for board member work schedules so that all could be present at the meetings.  The new start time will be in effect beginning with the next regular session meeting scheduled on Tuesday, February 21.

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About the Board of Directors

  • The members of the Board of Directors share a common vision for the Marysville School District.  We seek to find ways to provide not just an adequate education for our children, but an excellent one.  It is our belief that every child in our community deserves the very best educational experience possible. Every child has the potential to achieve success in life if given the right tools to do so.  As a community we can help to see that this occurs by staying involved with the school, in the classroom and in special programs.  We must constantly help each other stay focused on that most important goal, the education and support of children in our community.

    We encourage community input into the direction which education in the district will take.  We encourage every member of the community to attend board meetings and to be involved in committees when possible.  We believe that it truly does take a community to raise a child.  Let's join together in making a fine education entity even better!

    ~ Named WSSDA Board of Distinction 2011 and Board of the Year 2012 ~

    Communicating with Your School Board
    Your school board members are elected officials who serve in the Director District areas 1 - 5 in the Marysville School District:  MAP

    While you are welcome to email the director that serves your district area, the school board president is responsible for all board-related correspondence.  If you have a school-related or district-related issue, please review the GUIDELINES FOR RESOLVING CITIZENS CONCERNS prior to contacting the school board.  You may also contact the Superintendent's Office at 360-965-0005 or the district office at 360-965-0000.

    Emailing School Board Members

    Click on the members name to send email.  As a reminder, the school board president (Pete Lundberg) is responsible for all board-related correspondence.

    Pete Lundberg, President, Director 3

    Chris Nation, Director 1

    Tom Albright, Director 5

    Mariana Maksimos, Director 2

    Bruce Larson, Director 4

Serving on the School Board