Welcome to the Curriculum Website

Curriculum in the Marysville School District is the written documents that identify what is essential for students to learn.  It is the work plan. As educators, parents, and citizens from diverse backgrounds, we share a common concern for and commitment to the welfare of our children.  Therefore, the purpose of the Curriculum Design Blueprint is to provide a system-wide process by which we can ensure that all students, PK-12, will learn the same academically rich, standards-based, holistic, student-centered, and culturally diverse curriculum from teacher to teacher, and school to school.  

The commitment of Marysville School District is to develop an exemplary curriculum that promotes high expectations for its teachers and students that result in meaningful student learning.  The system-wide curriculum is a thinking curriculum; one that integrates content and process, typifying real world situations and challenges.  The decisions, strategies, and practices are supporting the alignment of the written, taught, and tested curriculum. The root of the curriculum is in internal and external research.  This research is critical to providing optimum learning opportunities for all students.

 The Curriculum Design Blueprint provides the structure to create curricular frameworks for each of the content areas that are simultaneously practical and progressive.   The standards-based curriculum will enhance opportunities for students to meet new standards and to help students realize their potential and move toward higher educational and career goals.