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     Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses are offered in grades 7-12 and focus on preparing students with professional training in a variety of career fields. Students develop an understanding of the importance of work and how performance, efforts, and decision making directly affect future educational and career opportunities. Students are trained in basic workplace skills as well as specific technical proficiencies in wide variety of career pathways.

    Career & Technical Education courses provide innovative educational opportunities within the Marysville School District. Students are engaged in learning and excited about the opportunity to experience focused course work that allows them to excel in an area of interest. Students who participate in CTE courses are being prepared to enter a highly competitive workforce based on a global knowledge and information economy.

    Students who are career and college ready need to be able to compete in this every changing workforce and have marketable skills that put them ahead of others. CTE offers these skills in a rigorous, hands-on, project based learning environment. CTE courses also offer embedded core academics which allow students to complete their high school graduation requirements more efficiently. CTE courses are aligned to Washington State teaching standards and offer high school as well as college credit in many areas. Instruction is provided by highly trained educators who are experts in their field of study.


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See what's Happening with our CTE Programs

  • Trade Up and Touch a Truck

    Posted by MSD at 5/5/2017

     We welcomed Career and Tech Ed students from Marysville Middle School and #MSD25 high schools to experience the trades and all the opportunities that are available right here in Snohomish County! Big thanks to our sponsors and participants, the City of Marysville - government, Community Transit, Marysville Fire District, Machinists Union 751, Waste Management, City of Stanwood, Klb Construction Inc, United Way of Snohomish County, Official Snohomish County Labor Council, and Workforce Snohomish!

    Click here to see Video from the event!

    Click here to see more Video!!


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  • Pilchucks Automotive Program

    Posted by MSD at 5/5/2017

    Support the community, environment and education while getting FREE car advice! Read below and sign up for upcoming sessions athttps://fixcarleaks.org/workshop-events/ Don't Drip and Drive


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  • Cedarcrest- Nutrition & Fitness Class

    Posted by Francis Mack at 5/3/2017
    From the cardiac fitness unit.
    Resting pulse/HR tracking
    Hypothesizing which HR would be faster - large vs small species and why 
    Listening to human hearts/puppy's heart
    cte cte cte
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  • Getchell FBLA

    Posted by Kris Mikesell at 4/24/2017


    At the Washington FBLA State Business Leadership Conference for 2017 in Spokane, WA Marysville Getchell took 19 students to compete in a variety of events. This years there was over 2000 competitors from all over the state. Our chapter had 10 people immediately qualify for National Competition in the event of Parliamentary Procedures our 2 teams took 1st and 2nd in the state. We also had 1 person qualify in Introduction to Business and in Computer Applications our member is the 1st alternate. The State Conference also hold open State Only events and we also had a student who competed in Jingle and brought home a 1st place. What a successful year this has been for MG FBLA.  Our next step is the national competition in Anaheim, California where the students will test their skills against their peers in the nation! Go Chargers!!!
    MG Winners
    Parliamentary Procedures -
     -Komal Gill, Jon Thill, Declan St. John, Gabe Coe, Gurneet Grewal, (1st Place)
    -Chantz San Nicolas, Walker Braillard, Josh V., Emma Elgin, Acashia Atkins, (2nd Place)
    Introduction to Business Communications - Gabe Coe, (3rd Place)
    Computer Applications - Sara Rolfe, (5th Place)
    Jingle! - Chantz San Nicolas, (1st Place) - State Only Open Event


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  • DECA

    Posted by MSD at 4/24/2017

    Marysville DECA students at Pro Sports Day at Safeco! Our students made such a GREAT impression they've been asked to throw out the first pitch at next year's event! What a great experience and opportunity for our students. Go DECA!!!


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  • Manufacturing Google earth CNC Project!

    Posted by Marcus Knowles at 4/24/2017


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  • Paul LaGrange

    Posted by MSD at 4/12/2017

    Congrats to Arts and Technology Teacher, Mr. Paul LaGrange! Selected as Teacher of the Month by the Law Offices of Rick H. Merrill! Thank you for the difference you are making in the lives of #MSD25students, Mr. LaGrange! Learn more at http://www.rickmerrillattorney.com/blog/educator-of-the-month-paul-lagrange.

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  • Nutrition and Fitness at Marysville Middle School

    Posted by MSD at 3/31/2017

    Physical education is not what it used to be - it's even better! Just check out Marysville Middle School's Nutrition and Fitness class taught by Mr. Schmitt. Here, students learn how to exercise properly and how to prepare nutritious food.




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  • NJROTC Competition

    Posted by Kathy Wilde at 3/20/2017
    Marysville NJROTC competed this past weekend against 26 other units on 18 March at Roger's High School in Puyallup with fantastic results.
      1.  The Unarmed Drill team earned 1st place in the State and 2nd place individual Drill Team               Commander Cadet Micha Adriano (BIO)  This team has been 2nd for past 3 years. 
      2.  Air Rifle team 3rd place.  Cadet Carol Kovalenko (MP) 2nd place of 55 shooters, 1st place              female. Cadet Marco Del Campo (Bio) 5th.  
      3.  Unarmed Dual Team 1st place Cadets Fitzpatrick Varias & Joshua Docyuanan (Both BIO)
      4.  Armed finished in 8th place led by Cadet Austin Buchanan (MP).   
      5.  The Battalion came in 4th place overall   
    Our team leaders create a theme for each meet.  This one, the cadets selected superhero as the theme and wore capes.  They explained it "Superheros help everyone and cheer for everyone no matter what."  They definitely lived up to that theme as noted in the last picture.  That is our Cadet Adriano with the Cadet Commanding Officer of Unarmed team from the Everett team (they placed 6th) celebrating as they left the awards floor. 
    Thank you for all of your support.
    The cadets will be performing one more time on March 29th at the MP gym at 6:30pm for the community.  Please come cheer them on.
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  • Cedarcrest STEM Updates for How Thing Work and Exploring Computer Science!

    Posted by Michael Shreeve at 3/17/2017

    In How Things Work…

    Students researched simple machines, energy, and Da Vinci’s Self Propelled car in order to create a vehicle that can use one or more of the stored energy sources that were available to Da Vinci at that time:  Elasticity, torsion, or gravity.

    The students challenge was to create cars that use one or more of the energies that would have been available for Da Vinci during the historical period of time he designed his self -propelled cart.


    After researching this topic, the students realized that cars such as the mousetrap car, the gravity drop car and the rubber band car would be part of their solution. 

    htw htw

    htw htw

    However, this is only part of the challenge. Students must also create a car that can travel more than 10 meters, and use two or more of the three types of energies in the above examples:  torsion, gravity or elasticity.  They also were able to use 3D CAD software, computers and 3D printers for their project.   The students decided that the best part to design was a simple machine:  The Pulley.  The pulley allows them to transfer energy from one place to another. They designed a pulley on CAD software,

    htw htw

    then 3D printed pulleys for their cars. 

    htw htw htw

    The students are now almost finished with their cars and will test them next week.

    htw htw




    Students this week finished the ACTIVITY CARDS on Programming through the Website “Scratch.” Now they are working in teams to create a Role Play Video game with multiple characters, levels and events.  The Genres include Fantasy, Comedy, Science Fiction and Action/Adventure. 

    ecs ecs



    (Instructions for CAVE ADVENTURE)

     Instructions: Press the space bar whenever nothing is happening. Follow the directions of the textbox.

    This was fun to make.
    Credit to numerous sound download sites for all the snake & demonic sound effects.




    “Unfinished” Use arrow keys and space bar to control game.




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