The mission of Marysville School District’s Career & Technical Education Department is to develop, implement, and sustain innovative, rigorous, real-world educational programs that are aligned with core academic courses, industry standards, and are fully integrated with 21st Century Employability Skills. The Marysville School District CTE programs will have a strong applied focus in high demand, high wage, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses. All Marysville CTE courses will prepare students to enter post-secondary education/training and to meet the needs of today’s competitive workforce.


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All students in grades 7 through 12 will enroll and be successful in career and technical education and academic courses based on a guided career pathway selection. Students will progress through their secondary programs with a high school and beyond plan, a commitment to ongoing education and training, and an understanding of how their current learning can be directly applied to the career field of their choice.


Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses are offered in grades 7-12 and focus on preparing students with professional training in a variety of career fields. Students develop an understanding of the importance of work and how performance, efforts, and decision making directly affect future educational and career opportunities. Students are trained in basic workplace skills as well as specific technical proficiencies in wide variety of career pathways.

Career & Technical Education courses provide innovative educational opportunities within the Marysville School District. Students are engaged in learning and excited about the opportunity to experience focused course work that allows them to excel in an area of interest. Students who participate in CTE courses are being prepared to enter a highly competitive workforce based on a global knowledge and information economy.

Students who are career and college ready need to be able to compete in this every changing workforce and have marketable skills that put them ahead of others. CTE offers these skills in a rigorous, hands-on, project based learning environment. CTE courses also offer embedded core academics, which allow students to complete their high school graduation requirements more efficiently. CTE courses are aligned to Washington State teaching standards and offer high school as well as college credit in many areas. Instruction is provided by highly trained educators who are experts in their field of study.