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The Marysville School District is going to spend the next year asking parents, staff, students and the larger community how we can best ensure our schools meet the needs of our community and our students. Every kid, every day.

In this work, we want to answer the following questions:

  • What can our district do better and differently to prepare every one of our students to realize their full potential
  • What grades of students should be in each of our schools?
  • Do our facilities meet the needs of our students and community or are improvements needed?

We also want to tackle some of the other challenges our district faces, like declining enrollment. To do this work, we will be engaging with our families, staff and community members during the next year.

Your voice is important! We will have a number of ways to share your ideas. There will be surveys, personal interviews and community meetings and a careful data review. This is a comprehensive engagement process to help us learn about the opinions from our community’s diverse communities as we explore questions about what we can reach our goal of serving the Marysville community and ensuring success for every kid, every day. To help the district, we are partnering in this work with Strategies 360 and Dovetailing, to help us bring third-party expertise in ensuring we are gathering feedback and perspectives from our entire community. 

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Stage One: Public Opinion Polling
The purpose of this stage is to collect input from a cross section of our community that will give us data on what our community believes are priorities for our district: how we are doing overall and where we need to improve. This is an important step because our schools are supported by the entire community via our taxes. The results of the 300 participant poll will be shared publicly. This will take place in October and November of this year.

Stage Two: Personal Interviews with Key Community Leaders
These will be one-on-one interviews with nearly 25 key leaders in our communities of Marysville and Tulalip. This will occur from November through February of this year.

Stage Three: Natural Meetings
This means that we will attend meetings where stakeholders, (parents, community members and students) naturally gather, such as some PTSA meetings. Input will be gathered around our shared priorities: What we do well, and where we need to improve. We will be visiting a variety of groups to ensure we are getting a good cross section of voices. This will occur from December through February of this year, and a summary of results will occur in March.

Stage Four: Online Survey
This stage will be an online survey to gather input. Anyone who has not had a chance for input will be able to share their thinking through this survey. This will occur in March.

Stage Five: Large Scale Community Meeting
As a final stage, this meeting will consist of small group and interactive discussions to gather input on themes that have emerged from the input in the first four stages. A date has not yet been set for this spring event.