Students and Bus

Our Mission

  • Engage our community.
  • Inspire our students.
  • Prepare our Graduates.

Our Vision

Students of the Marysville School District are prepared for further education, technology, economic change and social realities because they

  • Think critically
  • Create and Innovate
  • Collaborate with others
  • Communicate effectively
  • Care compassionately.

Engaging our community in support of our students by:

Fostering family involvement

Family support is an essential component of student success, connecting home, school, district, and community. Families need support from the district to support their child’s education.

Cultivating collective responsibility among staff for each student

Every student is every staff member’s responsibility, and all staff shares responsibility for attending to the needs and intervening in support of the whole child.

Nurturing partnerships and community support

Student success is vital to the future of our community and depends on building partnerships between the district and community. We will actively build these relationships with our community through frequent and transparent communications.

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Inspiring our students to find their passion and pathway by:

Ensuring our students and staff have a growth mindset

Intelligence is not a fixed attribute; it increases with hard work. We teach persistence, revision, and resilience. Our policies, including grading and behavior, reflect this mindset. Evaluation and support for students, staff, and schools are based on multiple measures and oriented toward growth.

Embracing students’ culture, language, and uniqueness

Diversity is an asset in our community and district. Our staff and students will advocate for and apply culturally responsive practices in district schools and community. We will shape instruction based on individual needs and skills.

Empowering students as active partners in their education

Our staff helps students find their passions and develop their aptitudes. Students will own their learning by setting goals, tracking their progress, and reaching learning targets. Students monitor their educational progress toward a selected pathway to graduation and continuing education or training.

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Preparing our students for economic and social realities by:

Building skills in collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication and compassion in a technology-infused environment

These enduring social and work skills are taught and learned in our schools through a variety of methods, settings, and activities. The integration of technology is reflected in all aspects of teaching and learning. Technology helps students learn in new ways, at higher levels of thinking, and helps them create as well as consume knowledge.

Equipping graduates for further education, career, and citizenship in our globally connected communities.

The district curriculum directs learning and teaching in the district, reflecting our goals, values, and Washington State Learning Standards. District curriculum incorporates career and citizenship skills that reflect our global connectedness. The district has a rich and meaningful student assessment system, using data to customize instruction, determine necessary interventions/enrichments and effectiveness of programs to ensure students master their learning targets.

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  • All students reading at or above grade level by the end of first grade.
  • All students attend school regularly.
  • All students achieve at or above state standard in English/Language Arts and Math.
  • All students graduate within five years of starting high school, with an identified post high school pathway.

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