With the Governor’s order to “Stay Home - Stay Healthy” and the closure of physical school buildings for the remainder of the school year, we entered into the next phase which includes the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPIs) emphasis to expand on distant learning with students - moving from providing learning enrichment and resources to direct online instruction. In response, we have identified the most essential skills, concepts, and content for each subject area so students will be prepared to continue to the next grade or course. Teachers will include the identified essential new learning in their instruction, reinforce habits that support continued learning, and assess student learning. At the secondary level, instruction of essential new learning will allow students to earn credit for courses and prepare for graduation. This includes using guidance from the OSPI, the State Board of Education (SBE), in collaboration with the Marysville Education Association (MEA), and in consultation with regional public school districts.

As we provide distance learning, the timing and actions are intended to ensure that our teachers and other certificated staff are equipped to provide meaningful essential learning experiences for students. This information is not exhaustive, and we will likely need to adjust as we receive new guidance, and as we learn from our experiences. The plan for remote teaching/distance learning for students will continue through the end of the school year.

The district has prepared supplemental learning materials and family resources in all subject areas for students Preschool through grade 12. These materials were also made available in printed form for grades Pre – 5. The District continues to explore options for equitable delivery of educational services to all students, including distance learning options.

Below and on the linked pages, you can find resources for families. These educational resources are not meant to be a substitute for direct classroom instruction but will help students practice their skills and learn independently during the closure. 


For those students or families who need Chromebook support, we have set up a Chromebook Support hotline you may call at (360) 965-0202 and a designated Chromebook support email address at chromebook-help@msvl.k12.wa.us.


The purpose of the Grading Expectations and Procedures document is to provide staff an overview of grading practices to support our students during school building closure.

Our collective goals in establishing grading guidelines, within the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) rules, are to ensure students receive feedback and support on their engagement and progress towards core learning standards and to minimize the negative impact of the school building closure on students’ academic records.

We are sharing this document with all families and staff so that together we all have a clear understanding of the requirements related to student grades and grading during the COVID-19 closure of the school buildings.

If parents or guardians have questions about the grading expectations and procedures, please reach out to your child's teacher or the school's principal. The full document is linked below in English and Spanish. Additional learning resources and information as well as social-emotional, and mental health supports are accessible and linked on this page.

Click HERE to view the Grading Expectations and Procedures document.

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Letter to Families (K-12) March 30, 2020
Letter to Families (K-12) (Espanõl)

ELC Letter (Preschool) | ELC Letter (Espanõl)

Superintendent Chris Reykdal - Video
April 3, 2020 (English)

Letter to K-5 Families - Printed Instructional Materials, April 17, 2020

Clever Login (Elementary)

Canvas Login (Secondary)

Preschool and Elementary Resources

Secondary (Middle and High School) Resources

Preschool - Grade 12 Special Education Resources


Preschool and Elementary Resources
Learning Enrichment Page for Elementary
Secondary (Middle and High School) Resources
Learning Enrichment Page for Secondary
Special Education ResourcesLearning Enrichment Page for Preschool - Grade 12

To support at-home learning and reinforce Distance Learning (online) at home, we have compiled a list of resources that will provide students with practice using instructional tools tied to learning standards.

This will not replace teacher instruction, rather reinforce skills taught in the classroom. Visit the Learning Enrichment pages linked above for Preschool, Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education for all levels.