Planning for the Return to 100% In-Person Teaching and Learning for the 2021 - 2022 school year

As we develop our student academic and well-being plan, we surveyed parents and guardians to gather information. In addition, district leadership team members are meeting with members of the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee, Hispanic, Russian, and Native American liaisons, Tulalip Tribes administration and Board of Directors, community partners, and the district equity committee. The common themes that are emerging include the following:

  1. Social-Emotional/Mental Health Support
  2. Catching up’ Academically
  3. Social Service Coordination and Resource Access
  4. The Need to Rebuild School Communities - Focus on Relationships, Social Skills, Trust, and Communication
  5. Welcoming Families Back - Rebuilding Culture of Trust & Support; “‘We have to be more than just school’ now”.

At Wednesday night’s school board meeting in support of the plan, the board adopted Resolution No.2021-13; Academic and Student Well-Being Recovery Plan, and heard a report on the Student Academic and Well-Being Plan. The presentation is shared below.