About the School

10th Street Middle School is an "Options" school within Marysville School District that serve 6th, 7th and 8th grades. That means that parents and students have to choose to request 10th Street Middle School as their option for their student's middle school education. Generally, we will get more requests than available space, so we use a lottery system to determine the 6th grade roster.

Our curriculum believes that the fine arts contribute to the success of our students. Therefore we feature Music and Art as the two elective courses. Our students will have three years of Math, Science, P.E., Language Arts, Social Studies, to go along with Music and Art. We use technology to support our curriculum. We are an iPad learning community. We use the devices to support all of our lessons.

We strive to be innovative, on the cutting edge of education and to never settle into a comfortable routine. We believe that by challenging ourselves, we will always find the best way to help students become lifelong learners.