10th Street Middle School/Grades 6-8


Mrs. Juarez


Mrs. Juarez is currently out on Medical Leave. Please email Amber Benoit, her long term sub, with questions regarding Math: amber_benoit@msvl.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Juarez has been with us since 2015, and has been teaching in some capacity since 1999, exclusively Mathematics since 2005. She has taught 6th grade Mathematics through Algebra 1 and previously taught 6th Grade Mathematics at Cedarcrest Middle School from 2005-2011, where she received her National Board Certification in Early Adolescence Mathematics. Her husband, Mr. Juarez, is a retired elementary school teacher and administrator for the Marysville School District. They have raised three adult STEM college graduates, one of which is a 10th Street alumnus.

She’s available for help during Advisory time, lunch time, and during her Plan Days, and she loves to help students one-on-one as much as she can. Her favorite part of teaching is when a small group of students come in together at lunch time for a few minutes to work on problems together on the board with her guidance to have a breakthrough moment, especially persevering through challenging 8th grade Common Core story problems.