Mock Trial is a program integrated into our 8th Grade Social Studies class under the direction of Mr. Hanson. The course introduces the students to the history of the justice system as well as the current process. It then presents the students with a case that they must study, strategize and win as the defense team or the prosecution team. There is no better time to expose our students to this important part of our culture in this country.

The 8th Graders will start the program the second quarter. They will be presented with a full case that was written by a trial lawyer. They students are divided into teams, they work with the teacher to determine if they will be the prosecution or defense, which students will be the witnesses, and there’s even a role for bailiff. Everyone has an important part to play in this interactive lesson.

The culmination of the quarter is a head to head competition against another middle school team from outside of the school district. This competition is done at a real courthouse in front of judges and with a jury. Students are adjudicated on their knowledge, presentation, and sound arguments.

Many of our students leave this program and join the high school team with a more advance trial to tackle.