Photo of Arlana Juarez

Arlana Juarez



Mrs. Juarez has been with us since 2015, and has been teaching in some capacity since 1999, exclusively Mathematics since 2005. She has taught 6th grade Mathematics through Algebra 1 and previously taught 6th Grade Mathematics at Cedarcrest Middle School from 2005-2011, where she received her National Board Certification in Early Adolescence Mathematics. Her husband, Mr. Juarez, is a retired elementary school teacher and administrator for the Marysville School District. They have raised three adult STEM college graduates, one of which is a 10th Street alumnus.


She’s available for help during Advisory time, lunch time, and during her Plan Days, and she loves to help students one-on-one as much as she can. Her favorite part of teaching is when a small group of students come in together at lunch time for a few minutes to work on problems together on the board with her guidance to have a breakthrough moment, especially persevering through challenging 8th grade Common Core story problems.


Mrs. Juarez encourages the use of these free websites for helping students learn Math and prepare for middle school include:


 Khan Academy