Photo of Arlana Juarez

Arlana Juarez



Mrs. Juarez is new to 10th Street this year. She comes to us from Cedarcrest Middle School. She has 16 years experience in teaching math. She also is a former 10th Street parent. She is very familiar with the school and is very excited to be part of building its future success.

Math can be a struggle for some students. They decide early on that they are not a "math person" or they come to view the problems they get wrong as "failures". We want to retrain our students to not think of errors as failures, but rather a powerful learning experience. Any incorrect answers are just feedback on which problems they need to work on for the next time. It's one of the biggest challenges that Mrs. Juarez takes on every day; to help her students understand that an incorrect problem is not marked "wrong" but rather marked to show them on which ones to ask follow up questions, to dig deeper, and to ask for help.

Mrs. Juarez is available for student math help before school, Monday through Thursday. The student must make an appointment with her at least the day before to ensure sure she doesn't have any other staff obligations. But if her schedule is clear, she will make the time for her students!