​We encourage parents/guardians to come into the school and classrooms to observe the instructional process in their children’s classrooms. However, we need to be certain that we are maintaining the instructional time and focus in the classrooms. With that in mind, please follow these guidelines for parent visitation to classrooms.

1.  Parents who want to observe their child in the classroom must first contact the teacher in order to set up an appropriate time. Plan days and testing days are examples of days that may not be helpful to observe.

2.  When observing in your child’s room, please find a seat designated by the classroom teacher. Sitting right next to your child may cause your child and other students to lose focus on the teacher and lesson. 

3.  There are times that the parent needs access to the teacher for questions. If you have questions, please contact the teacher via e-mail or written inquiry after the lesson. It may be more convenient to ask while doing an observation, but that takes the teacher’s focus off of the students. Students are our number one priority.

4.  Make sure to sign in at the main office and wear the visitor’s badge.