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The Marysville School District Equity Committee is supported by three Advisory Teams, one each for Staff, Students, and Parents & Community Members. The Advisory Teams deepen the Committee's connections by serving as liaisons and providing feedback on district and committee work.

The Equity Advisory Teams will meet approximately every month. 

Staff Equity Advisory Team Members

Christine Bell
Cassandra Clark
Ada Garza
Mary Elizabeth Gobin
Darylkris Henderson
Nora Martin
Manya McFarlane
Wendy Messarina 
LaToya Morris
Matthew Remle
Janee Roebuck
Terrance Sabbas
Margie Santibez
Marjorie Serge
Amy Sheldon
Nancy Smith
Priscilla Smith
Sherri Taliaferro 
Erica Tate
Nolan Ward

Student Equity Advisory Team Members

Parent & Community Equity Advisory Team Members

Mary Anderson
Jessica Bustad
Nikkia & Harry Carter
Elena Cervantes
Inseon Chung
Brittany Dillon
Jose Luis Granados
Jalieh Hooman
Rebecca Hunter
Mark Indrebo
Alyssa Johnson 
Arlana Juarez
Rochelle Lubbers
Phillip Marinda
Zeph Oyugi
Ginny Ramos
Karla Robles
Karima Robles
Albert Rodriguez 
Emry Rude
Mohamed Shaideen
Deanna Sheldon
Jason Smith   
Rosalie Topaum
Patricia Young
Johanna Van Dam
David Weil
Cindi Widener
Paul Woodbury 
Joseph Woodward

Click on the links below to access meeting dates and times, agendas, and meeting notes for each of the teams:


Date & Time

June 10, 2021/6 PM

August 10, 2021/9AM


Parent & Community Team

Staff Team


Agenda for 6/10/21

Agenda for 8/10/21

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes of 6/10/21

Meeting Notes of 8/20/21


If you have feedback to share or a topic you'd like the Equity Committee to consider, please contact Eneille Nelson, Executive Director of Equity and Family Engagement at