Foster Care Education Program Information

The Marysville School District strives to meet the needs of all children and youth. We collaborate with local agencies and foster families to ensure that all students have the ability to get to school, stay in their school of origin and receive support necessary to continue their success. 

Please click the links to the left to reach the OSPI Foster Care Education page which provides state and federal requirements, DSHS and District Liaison contacts and the OSPI Program Supervisor information. 

Policy 3116 - Students in Foster Care 

Procedure 3116 - Students in Foster Care

                    IMPORTANT INFORMATION

If you are a social worker or a case manager for a newly placed foster student within Marysville School District who will need services, please fill out the School Notification Form and email to Deanna Bashour or Nancy Smith.

School Notification Form

If you are a foster parent in need of support, you can contact Danielle Martin with Fostering Together. 

Danielle is a liaison who can listen, answer questions and connect you to other network supports. Fostering Together is a program of Olive Crest and is not affiliated with Marysville School District. Click the link for more information about Fostering Together .

Danielle Martin can be reached at (864) 561-2349 or danielle-martin@olivecrest.org.