Winter Bulletin

November 27, 2022: Freezing temperatures, more rain, and possible snow showers are in the local forecast this week. 

Please review the winter weather bulletins linked below for families and staff so you are prepared in the event transportation and/or school schedules are impacted due to the weather:

Parent/Family Bulletin

Staff Bulletin

The District is prepared in the event ice or snow creates conditions that are unsafe for buses and other vehicles traveling on the roadways. Transportation staff starts physical road checks at 3:00 am. The Transportation Director reviews staff reports and contacts other school districts in the region. A report is then made to the Superintendent who will make the decision on whether schools will start late or be canceled. The decision is based on many factors including the morning report from the Transportation Director, road conditions, the forecast, and the safety of students and staff. 

If there is a change to the school schedule the District will notify families and staff through multiple communication platforms by 6:00 am. The information will also be posted on local news channels and the District website at 

Please review the bulletins linked above for important information and stay connected through the social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and the website for updates and information.