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All classified staff will be provided a working experience including those who fall within the at-risk category during the COVID-19 closure period. Follow the steps below to complete the courses.  

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Each video in this series will cover a different topic. View the "Course Library" to see upcoming courses.
Feel free to go back and review the video for understanding or clarification.
This next portion is to allow you time to reflect on the material covered in the video. Click the link below each video to answer a series of questions on Google forms. New courses will be added to this webpage as they become available.

Video Courses

For the week of April 13-17 For the week of April 20-24 ... For the week of April 27-May 1

Trauma and Relationships by JoAnn Moffitt, LCSW PBIS: Anecdote to Trauma By JoAnn Moffitt, LCSW Grief and Change By JoAnn Moffitt, LCSW
This is an enrichment opportunity video that contains information regarding Positive and Safe Learning Environments.
Positive Behavior Intervention Systems(PBIS)
Embracing our vulnerabilities so we can move into the change cycle.
Reflective Questions: https://forms.gle/PqwUWAcZav3dici86 Reflective Questions: Anecdote Trauma Google Form Reflective Questions:  Grief and Change

For the week of May 4-8 For the week of May 11-15 For the week of May 11-15

Self Care Big Ideas for Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools
Big Ideas for Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools
Development Stages by JoAnn Moffitt, LICSW
In Response to Delivery of Trauma Informed Care Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools Developmental Stages: Tips for Guidance and Expectations
Reflective Questions: Self Care Reflective Questions: 12 Big Ideas Reflective Questions: Dev Stages
For the week of... May 18-22For the week of... May 18-22 For the week of.... May 25-29
FCS01 Introduction by Zee JimicumFCS01, Part 1 by Kateri LoeFCS01 Part 2 by Ian LaFontaine
Intro to Cultural Identity and Diversity Cultural Relevant Training Cultural Relevant Training
Reflective Questions: Intro to Cultural Identity Reflective Questions: Cultural Identity Part 1 Reflective Questions: Cultural Identity Part 2
For the week of...May 25-29For the week of...June 1-5For the week of...June 1-5
Social Thinking Basics: Applications within schoolsZones of RegulationProactive Problem Solving with Kids
Understanding and practical use in the school settingManaging and regulating feelings, thoughts and actions.Proactive vs. Reactive Problem Solving skills
Reflective Questions: Social ThinkingReflective Questions: TBDReflective Questions: TBD
For the week of...For the week of....For the week of....

Working with kids who worry
Reflective Questions: TBD


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Basic Culinary Math: Scaling Recipes (1 hour)
Basic Culinary Math: Conversions (1 hour)
Basic Culinary Math: Measurement (1 hour)
S.T.A.R. Strategies for Selecting and Utilizing USDA Foods Webinar (Nov 2019) (1 hour)
S.T.A.R. Strategies for Achieving Quality Customer Service Among School Nutrition Staff Webinar (Sept 2019) (1 hour)
Nutrition 101 4th Edition (8 hours)
Food Safety in Schools (8 hours)
Food Safety in Summer Meals (1 hour)
Norovirus for Schools (2 hours)
CT1-Culinary Techniques-Introduction (1 hour)
CT2-Culinary Techniques-Preparing Fruits, Vegetables & Salads(6 hours)
CT3-Culinary Techniques-Preparing Entree Items (8 hours)
Portion Control (4 hours)
Recipe Adjustments (4 hours)
Coaching (3 hours)
Evaluating School Wellness Activities (2 hours)
Focus on the Customer for School Nutrition Staff (3 hours)
School Nutrition Staff: You Are a Team (4 hours)
Effective Goal Setting Using SMART Goals V2 (2 hours)
CACFP Child & Adult Meal Pattern Requirements (4 hours)
Basic Culinary Math: Operations with Whole Numbers (1 hour)
S.T.A.R. Competencies, Knowledge, and Skills for
School Nutrition Managers Webinar (Jan 2019)
(1 hour)

S.T.A.R. Nutrition Education Strategies to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Webinar (Jun 2019) (1 hour)
S.T.A.R. School Nutrition Programs Support a Heart Healthy Lifestyle Webinar (Feb 2019) (1 hour)
S.T.A.R. Strategies for Implementing a Local School Wellness Program Webinar (Jul 2019) (1 hour)
S.T.A.R. Strategies for Implementing Safe Summer Meals Webinar (Apr 2019) (1 hour)
S.T.A.R. Strategies for Promoting School Breakfast Webinar (Mar 2019) (1 hour)
S.T.A.R. Strategies for Utilizing Standardized Recipes Webinar (May 2019) (1 hour)
ST.A.R. Strategies That Promote a Culture of Food Safety Webinar (Aug 2019) (1 hour)