update and next steps for enrolled students

September 2, 2020: Please click HERE to read an update and the next steps for those students and families who have selected Marysville Online for the 2020 - 2021 school year.


The safety of our students and staff is paramount as we make decisions about how to educate students this fall. District leaders and educators are in the process of finalizing our Continuous Learning 2.0 plan which includes a three-prong approach based on health and safety and the primary considerations developed by the community workgroup.
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Marysville School District will start the year with at-home learning (distance learning), then, when safe to do so, move to a hybrid model (part in-person, part at-home learning), and eventually return to 100% in-person learning. A part of the Continuous Learning 2.0 model includes an option for 100% online instruction. We are providing an opportunity for parents and guardians to enroll their child in a free online learning program called “Marysville Online”.

Marysville online

Marysville Online is an option implemented through an online education program called Edgenuity. This program is appropriate for students who have an adult in their home, and who are able to successfully work independently without much teacher support. The teacher can do live teaching and adjust lessons, but the course is set up for the teacher to be more of a case manager, with the parent or adult in the household acting as the "learning coach." Teachers will conference with students and parents, adjust lessons when applicable, and monitor the students' progress on the online modules. Parents/guardians will sign up for a minimum of a semester, with the option of staying online for the entire year, regardless of whether we return to an on-campus school. So, for parents/guardians who, for health and safety reasons, don't foresee themselves coming back to school this year, or at least for the first half of the year - this is an appropriate option.


Registration for Marysville Online is now closed.
  • Marysville Online students will remain in the online option when it is determined that it is safe to return to face-to-face learning.
  • Electives and courses offered through Marysville Online will support promotion and graduation but may vary from the electives and courses available at other schools.

Remember, Marysville Online is an option to the Continuous Learning 2.0 plan. If you plan to have your child(ren) participate in the planned remote learning when school starts, you do not need to register for Marysville Online.

For questions about Marysville Online, or you have changed your mind about registration for Marysville Online, contact your child's school.


How is Marysville Online different from Remote (Distance) Learning outlined in the Continuous Learning 2.0 Plan? Marysville Online is housed fully online and is grounded in personalized learning plans that align with each student’s progress.

Remote (distance) learning (part of the Continuous Learning model) involves Marysville teachers interacting with their class or classes of students partly online and partly through other contacts during the week and students working on their own to complete assignments. When health authorities allow students to return to school, students in remote learning will transition to a hybrid model with students attending part in-person, part at-home learning on a rotating schedule. When the remote learning students move to a hybrid model, students enrolled in Marysville Online will continue with their full-time online program.

Can I switch my children back to their home school if Marysville Online is not a good fit? Students enrolled in Marysville Online must complete the entire trimester (elementary) or semester (secondary) of learning. At the end of that time, if a parent wants to return their child to their previously assigned school, including choice schools (providing there is space available in those programs), Marysville Online staff will support the student and family in the transfer/enrollment process.

If I choose Marysville Online, is my child still enrolled in the district?
Yes, your student will still be enrolled in the Marysville School District.

If I choose Marysville Online, how long do I have to commit to being in this program? Students enrolling in Marysville Online must commit to at least a semester of this program (January). Changes can be made for 2nd semester.

Will the district provide me with a computer if I choose Marysville Online for my child? Yes, students will be able to use their district-assigned Chromebook.

What is the curriculum and how does it work?

Edgenuity Introduction Video for Grades K - 5


Edgenuity Introduction Video for Grades 6 - 12


Does Marysville Online require that an adult be in the home with my child?
Yes, the program requires a “Learning Coach.” This Learning Coach can be a parent or any adult who can support the student with questions throughout the day.

Is there a teacher involved in Marysville Online?
The role of the teacher in Marysville Online includes the following:

  • Case Management: The teacher will do weekly check-ins with students and families and be available to answer questions about the program during the week.
  • Adjustment of Instructional Program: The teacher has the ability to change the instructional program to meet the needs of the student. This can include adding or changing lessons, creating live or recorded lessons, or adding/revising learning activities and assignments.

Will these teachers be Marysville teachers?
Yes, each student enrolled in Marysville Online will be assigned a teacher from the district who will serve in the role described above.

If you have any questions about Marysville Online that are not addressed here, please contact your child's school.