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School will be back in session this fall, but it will look different than it did before the pandemic to ensure the health, safety, and education of all students. Go to https://bit.ly/reopeningWAschools #reopeningWAschools #waedu for information from the Washington State Office of Public Instruction.

In the Marysville School District, we plan to open with a plan called "Continuous Learning 2.0" that will have a three-prong approach based on health and safety and the primary considerations developed by the community workgroup: We will start the year with at-home learning (distance learning), then when safe to do so, move to a hybrid model (part in-person, part at-home learning, and eventually return to 100% in-person learning). Part of the Continuous Learning 2.0 model will include an option for 100% online instruction. More information about this option will be available soon.


The District's Core Team and Community Group along with instructional sub-groups are working hard to develop a plan that meets the needs of each student while keeping the health and safety of students, families, and staff at the forefront. For students with special needs, we will provide a continuum of special education services to meet the individual needs of students and families, prioritizing services as we partner with families to determine what services are needed to address the impact of COVID on each student's academic and social/emotional wellbeing. Services may need to be adjusted from current IEPs depending on the educational model. Any adjustments made will be in partnership with families.

Updates will be posted on this site as well as communicated through direct email and social media. 

Message from Jason Thompson, Superintendent, July 7, 2020
English  Spanish
Family Survey, July 7 - 17, 2020 (Survey is now closed)
English  Spanish
Letter to Families and Staff from Jason Thompson, Superintendent,
July 27, 2020   English  Spanish
Snohomish Health District News Release, July 29, 2020
Reopening Schools 2020: Update from Jason Thompson, Superintendent,
July 30, 2020  English  Spanish
Reopening Schools 2020: Update for Families from Jason Thompson, Superintendent, August 4, 2020  English  Spanish

Marysville Online:
An option to the Continuous Learning 2.0 Plan. Read more about the program and registration process HERE.



We have created two workgroups that meet regularly; a core planning team and a larger community committee to give input to the core planning team. We are working hard together to finalize a full plan for fall in addition to various contingencies should changes happen in the future. The core team will take the plan to the Board of Directors who will consider the plan and ultimately make the final decision at their regular session meeting on August 3, 2020.

  • Core Team Charge - Inform recommendations and guidance for Marysville School District as we plan for the reopening of schools in fall 2020.
  • Community Reopening Committee Charge - To represent the entire community on what should be the criteria by which we design and ultimately select a proposal to go to the school board. In other words, to establish a set of values or guiding principles, we must meet as we develop a plan.

primary considerations for reopening schools

Developed by the Reopening Schools 2020 Community Workgroup

  • Safety
    Physical and social-emotional safety for all students, staff and families.
  • Highest Possible Quality of Educational Experience
    Evidence-based, engaging, and structures for quality assessment.
  • Equity
    Recognize the differing needs of all students
  • Sustainability
    Achievable within the current human and fiscal resources of the District
  • Community
    Communicated clearly, thoughtfully, and in multiple ways to all community members.

planning timeline and purpose

June 16, 2020CoreWASA Reopening School Webinar and Research
June 23, 2020CoreOSPI Reopening Guidelines Review
June 26, 2020CoreReview Best Practices for Reopening Schools
June 29, 2020CommunityWorking Norms and OSPI Reopening Guidelines Review
June 30, 2020CoreResearch and Discuss Hybrid Models and Surveys
July 2, 2020CoreGroup Analysis of Hybrid Models
July 8 & 9, 2020Core & CommunityConsensus on Hybrid Model, Aspirations
July 15 & 16Core & Community
Presentation Planning for Community, Aspirations
July 21 & 23, 2020Core & CommunityPresentation and Feedback, Polling
July 30, 2020Core & Community