Important Notice

August 20, 2021

Marysville School District Families and Staff, 

The purpose of this communication is to highlight the unsafe conditions present at the regular session meeting of the Board of Directors on August 18th.  Due to these unsafe conditions, and in consultation with the Marysville Police Department officers who were on site, the Board chose to adjourn the meeting. 

At this meeting, district leaders, staff and board members were subjected to a variety of threats and abuses, including:

  • Derogatory comments made towards a district administrator of color

  • Physically threatening behavior towards board members and district staff

  • The physical blocking of a second administrator of color’s car when he attempted to leave

  • A physical threat of violence against a district staff member

  • Wide-spread obscenities shouted at, and disparaging remarks made towards, board members and district staff

  • Objects being thrown at board members and District staff

We recognize that these behaviors do not represent the Marysville and Tulalip school community. We also recognize that none of these behaviors are about any single issue.  Additionally, we recognize the right of our public school employees and our elected officials to feel safe.  As a result, all future board meetings will be held via Zoom until further notice. This decision is about the safety of the school board, staff, students, and community members who attend the meetings.

In addition to the option of providing public comment during school board meetings, the district has created an opportunity for the public to provide comments in writing using this online form or by recording their comments on a dedicated phone line by calling (360) 965-0065. All comments received will be reviewed by the Superintendent. For those requesting a response, you are asked to leave contact information, including an email address.

As we continue to move towards opening schools, please know that we are also working with our security staff and the Marysville Police Department to ensure students and staff are safe. We continue to be excited about the upcoming school year and the return of our students to in-person learning. We are motivated each day to make their return a successful and joyous experience.