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Equity and Family Engagement

Marysville is not unique in the need to do important work around personal biases and organizational equity. This is work we must do as a community, as a region, and as a nation. That said, we know from our own personal experiences that racial biases are real. They negatively affect our students, and we can do more as a school community to combat this problem.


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The Equity and Family Engagement Department includes Categorical Programs (Title I, McKinney Vento, ELL, LAP, HiCap, and Migrant services), Spanish, Russian, and Native American Family Engagement Specialists, and Indian Education.

Marysville School District Equity Statement 

Working together with Marysville communities and Tulalip Tribes, the Marysville School District holds itself accountable for eliminating group-based disparities and barriers and ensures access to support each student in an equitable and inclusive environment. We value and honor the cultural diversity of every student, our families, staff, and community members in helping each student achieve personal and educational goals.

disparities - a noticeable and usually significant difference  

barriers - obstacles that can cause hindrances or stop progress completely

equitable -  each person receives what they need in the way of  resources, attention, and support 

inclusive -  welcoming spaces and opportunities for all

Equity and Family Engagement Resources

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Equity Committee and Advisory Teams

We have created a Marysville School District Equity Committee with three Advisory Teams:

  • Student Equity Advisory Team

  • Staff Equity Advisory Team 

  • Parent & Community Equity Advisory Team 

The MSD Equity Committee will be comprised of members of each of the Advisory Teams, will work at the level of policy development and action planning, and will report to the school board. The Advisory Teams deepen the committee's connections across the district. Advisory Team members will serve as liaisons and will provide feedback on district proposals and the MSD Equity Committee plans.

Student Safety

Report Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Racial Discrimination, and other Unsafe Behaviors or Acts

This system allows you to quickly, easily, and anonymously report safety concerns to school officials 24/7/365 in English and Spanish. Help us create a safer learning environment - to submit a tip, click 

Safety Resources