Levy 2023

State of the Schools Address with Superintendent Dr. Zac Robbins - February 7, 2023

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This is the most critical levy in the City's, Marysville, and Tulalip community's history.

Dr. Zachary Robbins, Superintendent  

   Marysville School District No. 25

Dr. Robbins

Get the Facts, Cast an Informed Vote

This is not a new tax

The February 14, 2023 measure is a reinstatement levy and is not a new tax. Levies typically run on a 4-year cycle renewed through voter-approved ballot measures.

Levies are for learning

Levies support areas directly tied to student learning, achievement, health and safety, sports, and school activities.

Lower tax rate

The proposed levy is approximately $1.67 per thousand of an assessed home value and is 68 cents less per thousand than the expiring measure.

Levy Rate: $1.67 for 2024-2027

*The $1.67 rate/$1,000 is an estimate that may slightly reduce or increase over the 4 years.

Here's what the tax savings look like for a $500k home:

Current Levy rate vs. Proposed Levy Rate

Here's how the rate compares to neighboring districts:

Neighboring Districts' Rates

68 cents less

More Resources

Learn about administrative funding with Dr. Zachary Robbins, Superintendent

Levy overview with David Cram, Executive Director of Finance

Senior Citizen and Disabled Persons Exemptions

Senior citizens and disabled persons may qualify for a tax exemption. More information about tax relief programs is available on the Snohomish County Assessor’s website or by calling (425) 388-3433.

What does the levy fund?

Levy Funding

How Does This Levy Support Students?

This levy enables the District to support vital educational programs and operations for students, including teaching, school supplies, technology, athletics, building maintenance, transportation, and other educational needs. The educational programs and operations this levy helps fund are outlined below.

Here lifelong Marysville resident and Cascade Elementary teacher Karen McKellar shares her experience in the Marysville School District and her hopes for our future generations.

After two failed attempts to pass a levy last year, this levy is critical to the school district’s operations in support of its students’ learning, physical, and social-emotional health and development.

David Cram, Executive Director of Finance  

   Marysville School District No. 25

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Cascade Elementary's librarian

Teachers + Support Staff

Levy funds provide monetary support where the state falls short of fully funding education.

Without this critical funding, class sizes will be larger, and vital teacher and support staff positions will be reduced.

Learn What Our Teachers Are Doing Differently This Year To Support Student Academic Achievement

Athletics + Clubs

Athletics and extra-curricular activities such as after-school clubs are an important part of the development of the whole child.

Elimination of these programs would have a direct impact on students' overall educational experience.

MPHS Football
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Student reading

Curriculum + Supplies

The E, P, & O levy provides necessary funds for curriculum and supplies for teaching and learning. The inability to stay on a continuous adoption cycle of curriculum materials causes the district to fall behind, impacting student learning.

Early Learning Programs

Providing Early Learning options to support our students and their families is not only a priority of the Marysville School District but a value.

Watch this video to learn more about our commitment to Marysville’s youngest learners – a commitment made possible in part by local levy dollars.

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Student at Mac

Technology + Training

Thanks to voters for supporting previous capital levies for technology, the District has been a leader in providing 1:1 student Chromebooks and state-of-the-art technology for students and staff.

Levy funds help to support the continued use of technology in and out of the classroom and to maintain and/or repair current devices.

Without these necessary funds, the district will not be able to fund programs such as athletics and other extracurricular activities for students, and deeper reductions in staff and other programs district-wide will be necessary.

David Cram, Executive Director of Finance  

   Marysville School District No. 25

Safety + Transportation

Safety is our top priority in the Marysville School District. Both safety and transportation rely on levy funds to provide for these essential needs for students and schools.

Without levy support, these areas also face further reductions.

School bus